Welcome to the home of our Saturday Market sessions. These are interviews with a variety of people taken from our live streaming broadcast every Saturday morning from 10:00 until 2:00

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LCC All candidates meeting May 16, 2023

All candidates meeting from Fulford Hall

Don Conley - Salt Spring Players

Terry David Mulligan

An interview with Terry David Mulligan on his long and great career in the broadcasting business as he joins the Board of Directors of Gulf Island Community Radio to h...

David Busch - Conservative candidate

Dan Millers interviews Conservative Candidate, David Busch. He covers some of the important issues of the day with him and gets David's viewpoints on them

Farmteam - Matt Kennedy and Matt Brain

An engaging interview with two of the members of the Vancouver group, Farmteam, a great acoustical group just before their concert at The Treeehouse. They will be on T...

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